Monday, October 22, 2007

John K. Attempt #1

I did the "Bugs and dog" construction from John K.'s blog.
I videotaped it and put the finals over the original image to
see how close I got.
Ummmmm, not so much!

Here's my bugs final (forgot the whiskers!!!):

Bugs w/overlay:

Here's the dog:

Dog w/overlay:

Here's the video - due to the shitty quality it looks like I'm drawing the underlying forms with a white pencil! I swear they're all there! I'll post a .mov file at a higher quality later:

This was a lot of fun! It took me about 12-15 minutes per drawing - which is sad, for sure. I will be trying this again!


JohnK said...

these are great!

Chris S. said...

WOW ... quite an honor. Thank you for your time, John K.!